No body knows your account better than you do, just as the African saying ” I no myself better than you do.” Your bank debit card and your linked phone sim is one of your most sensitive things that should be hold key as Regards your bank account. When any of this is used carelessly, you will not only see your account reading 0, but you are doomed to mr 0 noting.

Here is the big deal, most of the time we tends to lost or misplace our debits cards, should this happen what are the best instant security measures you have in place to ensure instant block is done on your debits card?

This post contains question and answer to how you can simply cancel your lost, stolen or damaged Nigeria banks debits card.

Please this post is for educational purposes, it should not be used for any form or fraudulent activities.

What to Do After You’ve Lost Your  Access Bank Debit Card
  • If your ACCESSbank Debit Card is lost or stolen,all you need to do immedaitly is to call  call 18005548969/Customer service: 012802500 immediately.
  • If your ACCESSbank Business Credit Card or is lost or stolen, please call 18005583424 immediately.
How can I block my access bank ATM card

Most person find it difficult to do this on thier own. but the truth should be told, this is really something every account holder should be able to do easily even at the point of dealth. I was in access bank on one occasion, when a customer works in and started crying prosperously, she explained how she was robed and at ATM stand, get hold of her pin and her card, guess what bbefore she could get to the bank the 150k ATM withdrawal was already gone. But the case should have be reversed how wish she has idea on how to do this.

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For you not to be like the above woman, you need to walk in to access bank today and activate your internet banking, simply try and get used to the Access Mobile App. Should something bad happen you can simply borrow phone at the point of crime scene and block your Access Debit Card instantly, without delay.

bellow are the simple steps on how to block access bank Debit ATM card. before you can do this you need Access bank internet login details. and must have download the Access bank mobile App on your phone or must login to the Internet banking platform by using internet browser. such as Chrome, Fire Fox or Safari internet browser.

  1. Open the mobile app/browser and sign in.
  2. Navigate to Cards and Cheques.
  3. Click on Manage Cards.
  4. Click on Block (choose the account you wish to block)
  5. Enter your PIN/Token.
  6. Block Card.

And guess what? your ATM debit card will be blocked instantly. Knowledge is power. should this post be of help to you, simply share it with your friends on social platforms.

If you Suspect Your Identity has been Stolen

As crime continue to increase in Nigeria and beyond, identity theft is now the order of the day. this heading is focused on how to solve this issues. when you noticed this all you need to do is to act VERY FAST.  the urgency of this crime is at the high side should be given more attention.

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Bellow are the few steps you need to follow.

  • Call ACCESSbank and credit card issuers immediately. 18005548969/Customer service: 012802500 
  • File a police report and call the fraud unit of the three credit-reporting companies; TransUnion (800) 680-7289, Experian 8883973742 and Equifax 8005256285

GTBank is continuously developing and implementing security enhancements to ensure the integrity of thier Online Banking platform. GTB goal is to protect customer online safety, the confidentiality of her customer account and personal data.

GTbank Security Tips

  • Giving away your Internet Banking login, card details, PIN and codes from your token device, gives anyone total access to your account. GTBank will never ask for any of these details via any form of communication
  • Keep your ATM cards safe and do not share your personal identity number (PIN) with anyone. Do not keep any written copy of your PIN with your card. Memorize it.
  • Seeing a phone number or email address you recognize does not mean it is genuine. Always give cold-callers a cold reception
  • Use your hand or body to shield your PIN when you are conducting transactions at the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) or when making Point of Sale (POS) transactions at retail stores.
  • Create strong passwords for your Internet Banking login and card details. Change them often.
  • Check your bank account statements and card transactions regularly to make sure these only reflect transactions you have made. If you see a transaction you cannot explain, report it to the bank.
  • Subscribe to SMS alerts to be delivered to your cell phone or email, so you can stay updated on your account activity.
  • Always log on to our internet banking service via our website –
  • Watch out for copycat websites. Don’t fall prey to any website that looks similar to GTBank’s website. Check the URL carefully. (https://).
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What to Do After You’ve Lost Your  GTbank Debit Card
  • If your card is lost or stolen, contact GTB Card Services immediately using the following telephone numbers:
  • Debit Cards:+234-1-4480027
  • Credit Cards:+234-1-4480027
  • You will never be contacted directly by companies like MasterCard or Visa to verify personal or card information, your PIN or to request that you transfer funds or process transactions to protect your account.
  • Memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Never write it on the card or anywhere else it could be compromised.
How can I block my GTbank ATM card
  1. Open the mobile app/browser and sign in.
  2. Navigate to card Hotlist
  3. Select Request Reason
  4. answer your security question
  5. then click on continue

And guess what? your ATM debit card will be blocked instantly. Knowledge is power. should this post be of help to you, simply share it with your friends on social platforms.

It’s ok to make research about other banks i didn’t talked about. About but should this happen just put it in your mind that google is your best friend. Simply Google the bank and call the customer care in other to block you debit card.


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