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Last weekend I gave out free MTN tweak which is still rocking till date. Well it another weekend another version of our self, so I decided to bring up more faster APP that is new to you guys, my esteem viewers , well I know that last tweak was pretty hard for most peoples to set up, therefore I am going to take all my time to break this down . so let get to the main reason y you are here.

Just as you engage yourself on your everyday activities Teclius and his team are doing what they love doing . Credit to Eghosa for further research.   Here is how to browse free with MTN, without any charges. I call this Best MTN Tweak ever, you know why ? Because the fastness is like a speed of light when loading Youtube Video, Surfing the web and going through you favorites social media. Suburb right? Don’t forget to give us a comment and a share .

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 Here is how to browse free with MTN Sim

1.} download the App here . App name is HTML Injector

2.} download this document Here

3.} locate file manager, locate the document in step 2 and rename the to be KangGiTanV1.ehi.ehi

4.} open the app you have installed and click on the icon just after the setting icon on right top of the app, click on import and locate the document you rename in step 3.
click on the icon on the image

5.} click on START and you will see VPN logo ontop of your Phone. start browsing free’

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If i were to be you after this tweaks works for me..I will come back here and drop a comment and as well share with friends..
Dont be greedy.
If you have a running sub on your Phone it will be on hold once you click on the start button and you are connected. i am currently using one of my MTN line with No sub .It wont be bad if you do the same. Nevertheless if you dont have any free sim you can simply use your sim with sub.
Are you still having challenge ? just drop your comment on the comment section.


  1. Greetings. Please I want to know why the document file to import into the injector app keep stating expired?

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