The Samsung Galaxy A series are design to be a mid range Samsung galaxy flagship. Well! this phones nomally comes with a solid features and specifications, unlike other Samsung Android smartphones, the Samsung A series normally releases new model with the same name each year tagged with number. Such as Samsung Galaxy A20, A50 or A70.

The galaxy A9 was released in 2018 and is said to be the first samsung A series that has or comes with quad camera. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+ it was the first to support Samsung’s Gear Vr Headset.

Without no doubt the version of this flagship are not left out with awesome features such as the digital wellbeing. Google digital wellbeing becomes available for Android one users from HMD mobile. Google is requiring that all new devices launching with Android 9 pie or Android 10 should have this feature.

But hopefully some latest phone has started getting this update. But what is happening to Tecno and Infinix mobile phones, are they getting this update anytime soon? Let hope they get it ASAP. Follow along as techlius is going to breakdown these features called digital wellbeing.

Do you know; That Samsung A series is available in many countries around the world but not available in USA

What is digital wellbeing?

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Google digital wellbeing helps to provide several features helping you to control the usage of your mobile device. The most important engagement on the digital wellbeing is that the dashboard lets you monitor how long you’ve used the apps on your mobile device, how many times you have open the the app. And bar chart is been provided by the dashboard.

As you may have known! Each smartphone series have thier own unique features, this feature make them stand out from other mobile devices. you no well that the reasons why ios has been on the pik of the world most desirable devices is because of their features and flagship.

Digital wellbeing don’t just work on its own, but it work with subsidiaries. This post will not only educate you about what Google digital wellbeing is all about, but also the subsidiaries. Techlius is also going to put you through the procedures on how to make good use of this feature. I don’t need followers with head full of details and not using it, but i desire to have followers with head full of knowledge and doing or acting to what they have read.

Digital wellbeing

Easy steps to locate digital wellbeing on your mobile device. Simply follow the below detailed instructions.

  • Locate setting
  • Toggle to digital wellbeing
  • Locate unlock and open
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Here you are going to see set of table on how your device is been used, viz;

  • Screen time
  • Notification received
  • Times opened

This feature are supper smart with the new Samsung series starting from android 9 with one UI 1.1

So what are the use of these three 3 basic features.


On this platform you will be able to see total notification your phone received in a set duration, what do i mean? Notification received on Samsung/Android series is a type of setting that enables the phone users to set and see the total notifications received by any chosen mobile app.

This features will enable the user to see total app messages such as WhatsApp messages during the day. The most interesting fact about this is that you can choose any app to view its own notifications, and you have the ability to customize the total notifications you want to receive via any application (parental control).

Don’t forget you can also view time durations bases on custom, minutes, hours or days.


Times opened on Samsung/Android series such as Samsung A20, A30, down to the resent A series, helps user to view the total number of times installed mobile applications is been open.

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This is actually the parental control system Google was referring to when they introduced the digital wellbeing. This features helps you to control the usage of any app.

Now that you no what this feature is used for ,how do you view the number of times your application is been used, answer to this questions such as how do i view/see the total number of times my application is being opened. Don’t you worry i have all the answers just for you.

Its as simple as ABC, toggle to your setting

  • Locate setting
  • Toggle to digital wellbeing
  • Locate unlock and click on times opened consult the image below.

Please take note that digital wellbeing is not available on some android phones such as techno and infinix as at 20/10/2019. But trust that the new update will surely come with these features.


Just like other features this screen time is not left out. In Samsung Galaxy A series this feature helps the user to no the total time the screen has been live.

Do make good use of this feature and have fun.


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