A lot of things have changed over time, in regards to this I decided to upload a new updated video about screen mirroring your phone to the TV. In other for me to answer your questions In this video will show you 5 simple Trick behind connecting your Phone to tv or in another terms mirroring your Android phones and tablets to a TV. Just sit right  back and  watch YouTube Video. But for the sake of reference you can decide to follow the trick on the post.


Using the Screen Mirroring feature, you can share your Galaxy device’s screen (android Phone with this features)  with your Smart TV. With the help of this tricks You can beam your phone’s screen wirelessly and view pictures, photos, videos, games and presentations on your TV’s large screen. Just Keep reading to find out how this can be done.

Supported Devices

Samsung Galaxy A10, A20 Samsung Galaxy Aseries
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Samsung Galaxy Note 4/Edge
Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Galaxy S4

The Above phones support the Screen Mirroring feature. Though some phones such as Techno, Infinix, Oppo and other that have this features can be mirror to tv. And  Some phones can be modified through a custom ROM, once that is done they also may support screen mirroring.

How to prepare TV for Screen Mirroring

Before you can mirror your Galaxy phone’s(Smart phone with smart View features) screen, you need to set your TV. Just as different phone have different connection setting, so also Different TV types require different mode of preparation or should i say methods.

Set up a Samsung Smart TV for Screen Mirroring
A compatible Samsung Smart TV is designed to work fluidly with a Galaxy phone’s Screen Mirroring feature. You can check your smart TV’s user manual to see if it supports screen mirroring.

In setting up screen mirroring on your Smart TV, Just press the Input button, and click Screen Mirroring on the display of your TV.

how to Share Your Phone’s Screen with the TV using a Smart view Features.

Now that you know how to set up your TV, you can now start Watching Movies, Play Game, View Pictures on your phone’s screen to your TV. Here is a simple way to do it.

The basic thing you need to know is that there are no wires involved when you use Smart View. All you need is just your phone, a Samsung Smart TV (Any Smart TV), and an internet connection, then you you’ll be ready to start beaming.

Using one finger, swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Quick Settings panel. Swipe and touch the Smart View icon. Select your TV from the list. Should in case your TV asks for permission, simply select Allow on your TV by using the navigation button on the remote control.

Do make sure your TV is turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your phone before turning on Smart View. Though Some televisions may require you to switch inputs or turn on screen mirroring.

In other To stop sharing your screen, touch the floating Smart View icon on your phone’s screen, and then touch Disconnect.

Should you have any complain and issues with your smart phone, please do us a favor as we will be glad to help you solve any issues.


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