It’s no longer a joke that WhatsApp Owner is banning Some users. In this post i am going to talk about all the fact about what would make WhatApp to banned a User.

Some WhatsApp users might finding themselves banned from the platform as the Facebook-owned messaging service fights to ensure that people aren’t using unauthorised apps to access it

Whatsapp is banning whatsapp account if you are violating there terms. There are couple of policies that you need to follow else you whatsapp number can be ban.

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Here is what to do if your Whatsapp is temporary or permanently banned

  1. Temporary whatsapp ban
  1. Permanent Whatsapp ban

If you found violating the terms and policies  of WhatApp for the fewer times then you whatsapp account and whatsapp number will be temporary ban.

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My whatsapp number was also got ban and the reasons were obvious. To unban my whatsapp number i had read couple of steps and today i am posting the solution that really helped me to unban whatsapp number.

How to unbanned from whatsapp quickly -Unban whatsapp number solution

Step 1 – Firstly uninstall Gbwhatsapp or any modded whatsapp apk you are using.

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Step 2 -Now open google play store and download latest updated whatsapp in you android phone.

Step 3 -Now login to whatsapp number by entering whatsapp number.

Step 4 -Still you will be seeing the whatsapp temporary ban timer which is constantly decreasing, wait for the timer to get completed and as the timer got over you whatsapp number will be unbanned.

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