Hacker has thousands of ways they get into you social media accounts and your bank account living your account empty.

On today’s I am going to educate you how to prevent hackers not getting into your account.

But don’t you worry I am working on a new post to see ways in wish they can hack into your privacy or your bank account. I am going to reveal all without living no stone unturned. But first relax and enjoy this piece of post.

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In other not to let hacker hack into your account, you have to obey all this rules, if you abide by the rules you wont have any cause of panic.

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  • Don’t Give out Personal Information to Just Anyone
  • Avoid Clicking on Links You Are Unsure About.
  • Only Carry Credit Cards You Actually Need.
  • Monitor Your Online Accounts Daily.
  • Don’t Use Public Wifi to Access Sensitive Data .

don’t forget that when a of this is not fully obeyed, you are inviting hacker into your devices

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