Medium is an online publishing platform, which was developed by William Evans and was lunched in late 2012, when you are talking about social journalism, Medium is a good example.

Medium as a social journalism has a hybrid collection of amateur, professional people and publications. Medium is popularly regarded as blog host.

Medium Services

  • Blog host
  • Social platforms
  • Publisher

Medium has a global rank of 140 as of 24 July 2019 with 80 full time employees.

Let dig into rue founder of William Evans is a co-founder of Twitter and a former CEO..

William Evans autimate aim of creating mediumTop reasons why you should use medium for blogging .com was to encourage users to create post longer than the 140 characters of Twitter and was basically for people who has thoughtful things to say or write about. As of March 2015 has 1.5 million hours read which pave way for her to focus more on optimizing the time visitors spend on the platform.

How do medium generate revenue/ how do medium earn money in their website

As at January 2017 has raise up to more than $134 million in investment from venture capital firms and from William himself. Medium brought revenue through native advertising and sponsorship or some article series.

How many users do medium has

The total users (reades) as at 2016 is 60 million, which leaves medium with a total of 7.6 million post published. As at the mod of 2019 wikipedia has it to say that medium not as profitable as it was before.

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Medium has over 6.1 million monthly visitors with over 25 millions total member of users.

Top reasons why you should use medium for blogging

Putting some basics into consideration, lots of benefits can be derived when blogging on medium platform.

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Top hint reasons

  • As at August 23 2018 medium has 93 domain authority, this is a significant factor in which a website is been ranked on search engines.
  • Medium gives you a hug edge to compete for more competitive keywords, towards certain categories from technology, design, marketing, entrepreneurship, culture, start ups, and politics.
  • Just like other platforms such as YouTube channel or Facebook page, followers of your medium publications are automatically notified each time you punish a post.
  • Medium algorithm makes it possible for post content to elevates and attract the most engagement. This actually mean that high quality content will continue to generate traffic for a long time.
Do you know that medium has generally higher engagement than other blogging platforms, with variety of easy comment options.

Medium-first blog strategy may be an alternative fit for you

  1. When you are building a content strategy from scratch
  2. Are writing a high percentage of long form (1500 word) post.
  3. When writing a foliage content
  4. Have an audience that is more active on Twitter
  5. Have an image driven publications
  6. Are publishing in any of those categories: product design, programming, blockchain, data science, digital design, technology, life style, culture and more.
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With medium evergreen first hand blog strategy, you will have an opportunity to reach a larger audience, get more engagement on your own blogging platforms.

This post answer any of the under listed questions about medium .

  • Should I write in my blog or medium
  • Is it a good idea to write article on medium
  • Who uses medium: Any body that is ready to create or generate real content.

5 top reasons to blog on medium platform

  1. Medium has a great import tool
  2. You can take your audience with you
  3. Engagement metrics seems real
  4. You’ll reach a new audience
  5. You could get discovered by a big publisher.

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