Most of the time phone users will want to make use of call record during call hour. But its always easy for the smart dud. what about if u are having a hard time to get it. What are you gonna do? You don’t need to worry, all that is required of you is to sit right back and read the simple instructions on how to record called on OnePlus 7.

Slowly and steadily, OnePlus has actually hit the market with Oxygen OS with it’s useful features. While the UI/UX of the skin still remains very similar to stock Android, OnePlus keeps adding useful features to it that are not available on stock Android. One such feature in OxygenOS available on the OnePlus 7 series is the ability to record calls.

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Stock Android lacks the ability to do call recording and Google is not in support for third-party call recording apps in Android 9.0 Pie but OnePlus was wise enough to add it to OxygenOS. Wuich gives it one more edge ahead Android Pie. If you use a OnePlus 7 or OnePlus 7 Pro running OxygenOS, check out the steps below to know how you can record calls on it.

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Step 1: integrated to your contact, locate the contact you want to call or receive a call on your OnePlus 7. On the call screen, press the Record button.

Step 2: If you have not enabled the Call recording option previously, you will be taken to its settings page. From there, enable the Call recording option.

You will find plenty of useful call recording options here. This includes the option to automatically record all calls, record calls only from your favorite contacts, or you can even specify the numbers whose calls should be recorded.


All recorded calls on the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro are stored in the internal storage of the device.

Do note that in certain regions, the call recording option is disabled on the OnePlus 7 series due to regional laws and regulations.

Why is my Android 9 not recording call? Just read the above tricks for more understanding. There’s no way to bypass this restriction. Also, third-party call recording apps do not work on Android 9.0 Pie so don’t waste your time trying them out.

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