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Most of the time we go online with android applications forget to monitor the applications that is running on the foreground of our cell phone. On today tweak I’m going to teach you the simple trick you can use to bring out the apps that is running on the foreground of your android phone. so let’s get started


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I know by now you might be curious to know how the applications you have on the phone is running it’s not far fresh that the applications on your phone which you are using is running without being monitored . So how do you know the applications you are using on  your cell phone is not consuming much data without going to setting or how do you know the application that are open on your cell phone. To bring out this trick you simply follow the steps bellow .

For those who don’t know, you can actually check your application’s usage time without downloading any app.This could be useful for those times when you need to uninstall applications that have low usage time.

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So, how do you go about this? Simple! Just launch your dialer app and type:

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