This post how to fix “phone storage is getting low” is for those that get annoyed any time that message shows up.. I have been there before so don’t worry in this post i will give you a complete guide of what i did that made the message go away..

1. Delete Old Videos & Pictures

If you can delete your old pictures or videos that will help 30% in freeing your phone’s memory.. Delete more of videos because of it carries more space than a picture..

2. Delete File manager Apks

It is very very important you do this because of apks carry a whole lot of space than videos.. How to do it? Go to your file manager then search .apk after searching is completed you will see all the apks that are just eating up space.. ✅Mark them all and delete them.

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3. Clear Large Apk Caches

To clear large apk caches is very simple follow my step.. Go to settings>>Apps>>Downloaded>>Click menu and tap Sort by Size. Then the large apps will come out first then click the app that you don’t want to eat your memory like that then scroll down, you will see clear cache, click it and its done!

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Note 📝: Clearing cache is like as if you are just installing the app for the first time.

4. Uninstall Apps you don’t need again

If you uninstall the apps you don’t need again it will really help in freeing up space for other apps.. How to know which app is taking much space? Goto settings>>Apps>>Downloaded>>click menu and tap sort by size. Then the large apps will come first.

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So if you constantly do any or all the steps above the message will disappear forever!! Enjoy n Share

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