How to find the right keywords for your sites

Keyword research is one of the most important tasks when doing Site Optimization. With the right keywords, you will be able to push your site into the top ranks of search results and drive significant numbers of organic users to your site.

Step 1 – Prepare Your Research

Before you start writing down keywords, you need to draft a framework for your research. Create segments to order your keywords. This will help you to better channel your ideas in the following process. Here are some suggestions for keyword segments:

– User Keywords characterize your audience in terms of demographics, profession, character, and their role when using your sites

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– Location Keywords specify where people use your app. These are important if your app is relevant in specific countries or cities, but also if it is mainly used in the workplace, in urban areas, or at the beach.

 Do a Brainstorming

Now invite a couple of people to help you with brainstorming. Coworkers are fine, but people from other professional backgrounds are better. They can add an unbiased view on your app and bring up keyword ideas you might miss.

Work through your spreadsheet, segment by segment. Try to find at least three to four words per segment. Stick to these rules:

– Be spontaneous and write down your ideas without overthinking them.


– Don’t censor yourselves. Even ideas that sound absurd at first glance might turn out to be great keywords. Make judgments about keywords later based upon data.

– Write your keywords down on post-its, so you can reorder them if necessary

Implement Your Keywords to Your App’s Product Page

Alright, so you know which of your keywords are the most valuable. Now, let’s implement them into your product page. As this task is different for iOS and Google Play, let us look at them separately.

 Measure Results and Optimize Your Keywords

Keyword research is not a one-time task. After setting up your product page, you need to monitor the outcome and optimize your keyword sets constantly. Be aware that the algorithms of the app stores might need a couple of weeks to adjust search results properly to your changes.


Your key performance indicator (KPI) is the total number of impressions. You can find it in the Analytics section. Google does not provide impression numbers in its Google Play Console. Thus, you need to rely on the number of Store Listing Visitors. Although this figure is also impacted by other measures (that aim to increase the conversion rate), it is a decent indicator for visibility.

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