I live in a rural area with an extremely slow, metered connection and limited internet bandwidth. I mostly use the web on my computer to read news articles, so is there a way to block everything except the text from downloading to save megabytes?
Most commonly used browsers — including Google Chrome. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox — have a setting that allows you to disable image files from loading with a web page. When you turn on the Develop menu in the Preferences of Apple’s Safari browser, you get a Disable Images option.

If you don’t care to wade around in settings and configurations files, you can probably find a third-party add-on to block (or allow, on demand) images, videos and other visual content. To minimize the time and megabytes spent online, some people even use a browser’s “reader” modeto cut and paste text into a word-processing document for reading or printing later, or bookmark pages for offline reading later.
For those wishing to save bandwidth and battery, the desktop Opera browser has some appealing built-in features, and the option to block images is easily found in the program’s settings. If you want to keep pictures loading but reduce the amount of data consumed, Opera has a “turbo” mode that compresses images, as well as its own ad blocker, a virtual private network and a battery saver feature that minimizes background activity. (Other browsers may have similar add-ons, like Google’s Data Saver extension available in the Chrome Web Store.)
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