Instead of the boring long wait for carriers worldwide to start rolling out support for the new SMS replacement called RCS ( Rich Communication Services ) Google has decided to start rolling it out to all Android users worldwide country by country without Carrier Support.


According to The Verge, starting later this month in the U.K. and France, Android users will be able to opt into Google’s own RCS Chat services. Eventually, this will be offered in more countries later this year, and with Google taking care of this directly; eventually, we could see RCS made available for all Android handsets but that’s just us thinking big but we believe that’s Google’s play here.

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The RCS developed in 2012 is made to replace SMS (Short Message Service) and we believe it truly is the future. The features:

  • Ability to send very large files and different formats
  • Video Calling and Group Video Calling enabled and made possible without the need for a 3rd-Party App.
  • Availability of Read Receipts
  • Availability of Group Chat Feature
  • You get to see when your chat buddy is typing
  • There are so many others that would be communicated later when we get to test the features first hand.

The only Cons for now is the unavailability of end-to-end encryption which most smart messaging platforms have now such as; WhatsApp & Telegram.

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But Google has promised to work on it as its still in the early phase of being a replacement. Sanaz Ahari, one of the Googlers in charge of Android’s Messages app says “We fundamentally believe that communication, especially messaging, is highly personal and users have a right to privacy for their communications. And we’re fully committed to finding a solution for our users.” Ahari adds that the goal is “a great, simple user experience that just works for every Android user.”



Google is currently giving new users the option to opt-in to get the RCS features on the Messaging app. The RCS just like the iMessenger would normally send a text to anyone who doesn’t have the Feature. But when communicating with someone who has the RCS feature, You get the “Chat” description instead of native “SMS or Text” and it’s delivered via Mobile Data and WiFi Connection.

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I believe this is a very overdue feature for the Android OS and it’s something we would all come to love hopefully when Google rolls it out very fast because waiting could get boring.

What do you think about this move ? Let us discuss in the comment section.

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