We discussed in our previous post that we would give an overview of what Google unveiled for those of our readers who could not live stream the event or simply watch it.

It was an innovative event as usual and there is a renewal for the Boss of Android. Just scratch that if you don’t relate.

Getting started,


The Nest mini is simply the one who came to overthrow Google Home mini so it is basically a smart speaker. It comes with a larger inbuilt speaker but in a smaller body produced with 100% recycled materials. It has capacitive buttons for operation and LED notifications. The colour variants are; Chalk, Charcoal, Sky Blue and Coral. It retails for $49 and goes on sale October 22.

The Nest WiFi is best described as a smart speaker but with the additional feature of a mesh router. You connect it to your modem to improve your signal and network range. It is worth noting that every smart devices here is very well integrated with Google Assistant. The pricing for the Nest WiFi starts at $169 for the single Nest WiFi unit and $269 for an additional Nest WiFi point and $349 will get you a Nest WiFi with 3 packs of Nest WiFi point extenders. Sales begin from November 4th.

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Chrome OS was definitely not forgotten regardless of majority of our “not so good” opinions about it. The features depends on the version you are getting. The base version features an 8th Gen Intel core M3 with 8GB RAM and 64GB Storage. While the other versions feature an 8th Gen Y-series Intel core i5/i7 with 16GB RAM & 256GB of storage.

Other features include a 2mp webcam, 2 USB C port, 12 hours battery life with fast charging, face unlock, among others.
The Pixelbook Go is available in Just Black and Not Pink colors with a starting price of $649 for the Core m3 8/64GB model and goes up to $1,399 for the i7 16/256GB version.


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Google added a new gadget to the list and it is a beautiful oval shaped earbuds with very rich features. The pixel buds features; Google Assistant integration, Adaptive volumes which adjusts your volume automatically, call experience is refreshed as the pixel buds fitters outside noise with its two mic to enhance phone calls, and there is the voice accelerometer which detects speech through the vibrations in your jawbone.

The Pixel buds is announced to maintain connection at football field distance outdoors and three rooms distance indoors. It has a battery life of 5 hours and 24 hours with the charging case. It will be available in Almost black, clearly white, oh so orange and quite mint by Spring, 2020 for $179.


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This is what the world of tech have been waiting for, with so much leakage you would think you didn’t fix your roof. But it is finally here.


  • 5.7″ P-OLED 90Hz Screen / 6.3″ P-OLED 90Hz (4 XL)
  • 12.2 MP (wide), 16 MP (Telephoto) / 8 MP (wide) selfie snapper
  • Android 10 with new Google Assistant
  • Fastest face ID on a smartphone
  • 2800 mAh / 3700 mAh (4 XL)
  • Motion Sensor
  • Qi wireless charging
  • 6GB RAM, 64GB/128GB Storage space
  • Pricing for the Pixel 4 – 799(64GB) 899(128GB)
  • Pricing for the Pixel 4 XL – 899(64GB) 999(128GB)
  • Colour options: Just black, Clearly white and limited edition Oh So Orange
  • Sales goes live from October 22nd.

What do you think about the new devices from Google ? Let us know and have a discussion in the comment section below. You can as well let us know if you plan on doing a review on any of the item.

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