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The 5 best Amazon deals you can get this Friday

Get your weekend off to an excellent start with these incredible Amazon deals on oil diffusers, wireless chargers, and more.        Source link

On coronavirus lockdown, gamers seek solace and community in video games

Coronavirus lockdowns and extended social distancing has more people playing video games to stay connected and pass the time.        Source link

Apple agrees to pay $500 million to settle 'Batterygate' claims

If the final settlement is approved by the courts, owners of certain iPhones that Apple had "throttled" will receive $25 for each handset they owned.        Source link

The great 5G coronavirus conspiracy

).push(); ] CLOSESome Vodafone cellular towers have been attacked across Europe because some people mistakenly believe 5G networks are helping spread coronavirus. (Photo: Getty Images)“A lie can travel around the world and...

Xiaomi To Launch At Least 10 5G Smartphones Next Year

Today, at a special conference ‘5G · Future Salon’ was held in Beijing. And Hong Wei, Director of the Technical Committee of Xiaomi Group, gave ... The post Xiaomi To Launch...

Xiaomi’s best-selling smartwatch will be renewed shortly

Xiaomi is one of the brands that sell the most smartphones worldwide, but its catalog is much larger than what we usually talk about. The ... The post Xiaomi’s best-selling smartwatch...

Your iPhone won't recognize you in a face mask – but a Samsung Galaxy...

With COVID-19 concerns, more of us are wearing face coverings. You can try setting up facial recognition with a mask on. Depending on the phone, It may work.        Source link

Facebook Viewpoints pays users for well-being surveys & tasks

Facebook is launching a new market research, task, and product testing program that lets users earn money. Starting today, people in the US who are over 18 can download...

Facebook: Star Wars' Mark Hamill deletes account over political ads

Mark Hamill accuses the social network of putting profits before truthfulness. Source link

Leaked memo: Amazon strategy to attack Staten Island strike organizer as 'not smart'

Amazon reportedly planned to smear the fired employee who organized a walkout over coronavirus safety concerns at one of the company's warehouses.        Source link