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32 incredible coding toys that every kid will want

From Hasbro's Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar to Anki's Cozmo to the Lego Boost kit, theses games and robots are teaching kids the basics of computer programming.        Source link

COVID-19 social distancing: Together apart, screen time connects isolated kids with family, friends

Stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic, kids are having virtual playdates to help them cope with being separated from friends and family.        Source link

The Best Makeup Mirror with Lights

We tested the top-rated lighted mirrors to find the only ones worth buying.        Source link

Coronavirus: From Facebook to YouTube, live video is back. How the apps compare

With venues closed due to COVID-19, Coldplay and Garth Brooks have turned to live sets on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook in recent days.        Source link

Instagram's 'Until Tomorrow' challenge has taken over the social outlet in a great way

These people participated in the 'until tomorrow' challenge on Instagram, where they posted embarrassing old photos to get their friends to laugh.        Source link

Airbnb wants to provide free, subsidized lodging for 100,000 personnel fighting COVID-19

Airbnb will make available free or subsidized housing to 100,000 healthcare and medical personnel, first responders and other COVID-19 relief workers.        Source link

News-reading app Flipboard expands local coverage, including coronavirus updates, to 12 more US metros

Earlier this year, personalized news aggregation app Flipboard expanded into local news. The feature brought local news, sports, real estate, weather, transportation news and more to 23 cities across the...

You don't have to choose between Alexa and Google—here's how they work together

It's so easy, you don't actually have to choose between the two.        Source link

10 great headphones to help you work from home

With so many of us working from home, good headphones are in high demand. From Sony to Bose, these are the best pairs available right now.        Source link

Tesla CEO Elon Musk vows to make ventilators at Buffalo plant that got $750M...

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company's solar factory hopes to soon begin making ventilators at the sprawling Riverbend plant in Buffalo.        Source link