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The roadmap for every Nokia smartphone getting the Android 10 update is out, Check below

What is new in Android 10, features and How to Update

It is past September 3 and the Android 10 stable update is being rolled out, Join us as we dive in to all it latest features and what makes it stands out.

Xiaomi’s Redmi launches its first smart TV

The Redmi sub-brand of Xiaomi launched its first smart TV and it is worthy of the anticipation, featuring a 70" 4K HD Display, AI Feature, and other noteworthy features that are definitely not gimmicks

Watch “#NokiamobileLive – IFA 2019 Nokia phones announcement” on YouTube

HMD Global would be bracing the IFA for the first time. Watch the live coverage below

25 Dangerous App you must uninstall From you mobile phone

It’s no secret that apps on Google Play Store often get infected and cyber criminals target them for their vulnerabilities. A new report has been found in 24 apps that have...

Google Maps Live View Now Available For All

Google maps Live view feature which was introduced with the launch of the Pixel 3 is now available for phones outside the Google Pixel Lineup. The Google maps Live view feature is...


Android faces a revolution and fans are going crazy! The name and version recognition system of the Android OS is changed and while some see it as positive, others are quite opinionated

Spectacular features about Samsung Galaxy A series

The Samsung Galaxy A series are design to be a mid range Samsung galaxy flagship. Well! this phones nomally comes with a solid features and specifications, unlike other Samsung Android smartphones,...

Introducing Microsoft Surface Duo Smartphone

After ages of no smartphone from Microsoft, They just unveiled what might be the next deal for businesspeople in the nearest future

Everything New With Google ’19

Google unveiled what is anticipated to become the next Smartphone that sets a new standard in not just photography, but also in Innovation for the next year, so take a dive with us to see if this is really worth the wait


MTN Daily and Weekly Data plans for Android|BB|iphone|ipad

2019 is looking good so far, all thanks to MTN NG. They introduced mouthwatering data plans this week and it is honestly worth it,...