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PlayStation 5 will have unique unannounced features

PlayStation 5 will have unique features that will set it apart from the consoles of the past. This is what stated Jim Ryan (CEO of ... The post PlayStation 5 will...

How high-tech does an electric toothbrush really need to be?

Poor brushing habits can only be corrected so much by expensive toothbrushes. A better brush can train you to do better, but don't opt for overkill.        Source link

Xiaomi Watch Color detailed, now available in China for $115

Xiaomi announced the Xiaomi Watch Color early this week. However, the company didn’t give any details about the specifications but promised to do it later. ... The post Xiaomi Watch Color...

Microsoft can mute a potato chip

Sample video from Microsoft Teams showing the new Noise suppression technology, which is coming later in the year.        Source link

Facial recognition: Do you really control how your face is being used?

A raging battle over facial recognition software used by law enforcement and the civil rights of Americans might be heading to a courtroom.        Source link

Facebook Viewpoints pays users for well-being surveys & tasks

Facebook is launching a new market research, task, and product testing program that lets users earn money. Starting today, people in the US who are over 18 can download...

Amazon makes its music streaming service free with ads

Amazon is making its music streaming service free. The company previously offered free, ad-supported streaming only to customers who owned an Amazon Echo device. Now it’s rolling out free...

Trump to attend California fundraising event at Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison's estate

Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison will host a campaign fundraiser for President Donald Trump Feb. 19 at his Rancho Mirage, California, estate.        Source link

MediaTek Dimensity 800 Announced, Coming in Q2 2020

Around a month back, Chinese chip maker – MediaTek – released their new flagship 5G SoC – the Dimensity 1000. The chip brought some major ... The post MediaTek Dimensity 800...

Solitaire, Scrabble among classic casual games rebooted for on-the-go playing

Classic casual games such as Solitaire, sudoku, crossword puzzles and pinball live on smartphones and tablets as the mobile gaming audience expands.         Source link