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Is your home Wi-Fi slow?

Bolster it with a mesh        Source link

'Your roots are showing': Photo editing apps surge after salons shut down amid coronavirus

In the age of coronavirus, Americans are editing and posting more content on social media than ever before.        Source link

How Snapchat, Instagram and others are teaching kids, Gen Z about coronavirus

Sites like Instagram and Snapchat are trying to keep kids and teens informed about coronavirus by offering stickers, avatars and engaging content.        Source link

10 fun games kids can play with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

Parents and caregivers can get in on the games, too.        Source link

Google honors Dame Jean Macnamara, whose polio research helped lead to vaccine

Google is honoring the birth of Australian doctor Dame Jean Macnamara, whose work helped lead to a vaccine for polio.        Source link

Coronavirus for kids without internet: Quarantined worksheets, learning in parking lots

As coronavirus closes schools, half of America lacks broadband internet service. Even with so much online learning, Congress hasn't acted.        Source link

Here are the companies mass hiring during the coronavirus pandemic

Companies are still hiring even as coronavirus pandemic cripples economy.        Source link

Good news for parents: Spotify launches standalone app for kids in the U.S.

Spotify announced Tuesday that the family-friendly app has been bolstered with 30% more songs, playlists, stories and other streamable content.        Source link

You can snag this already-affordable soundbar for even less—for now

The JBL Bar Studio 2.0 soundbar is one of our favorites, and right now you can get it on sale for even less.        Source link

Uber to offer 10 million free rides, deliveries to health care workers, seniors during...

Uber says it will offer 10 million free rides and deliveries to health care workers, seniors and people in need as COVID-19 continues to spread.        Source link


Here's why 5G and coronavirus are not connected

Rumors of a supposed connection between coronavirus and the rollout of 5G wireless service in China found a home on social media. Here's...