The 5 best Walmart deals you can get right now

You can save a lot on smart robot vacuums, instant cameras, and more thanks to these incredible Walmart deals happening now.        Source link

Can the coronavirus spread through cash exchanges or live on credit cards?

Viruses like coronavirus tend to survive longer on hard surfaces like credit cards and coins. Is that driving people to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency?        Source link

New TikTok feature lets parents set how much time their kids can spend on...

TikTok's new feature called Family Safety Mode allows guardians to link their account to their kid's to control content seen and time spent on the app.        Source link

Google launches the first developer preview of Android 11

With the days of desert-themed releases officially behind it, Google today announced the first developer preview of Android 11, which is now available as system images for Google’s own...

Tortoise co-founder Dmitry Shevelenko is bringing autonomous scooters to TC Sessions: Mobility

TechCrunch Sessions Mobility is gearing up to be a lit event. The one-day event, taking place May 14 in San Jose, has just added Dmitry Shevelenko, co-founder and president...

Coronavirus complications in China increase Facebook's Oculus Quest backlog

Coronavirus concerns complicate Facebook's efforts to get Oculus Quest headsets made. The best way to buy it now: third-party sellers such as eBay.        Source link

The 5 best Amazon deals you can get this Wednesday

You don't need to spend a fortune to get great stuff for the house—just shop these five best Amazon deals happening today.        Source link

Coronavirus fallout: Study says people aren't downloading flight and hotel apps

While the virus is having the greatest impact on China, the travel fallout is global. Popular hotel and flight apps are taking a revenue hit.        Source link

Phone addiction? Problematic smartphone use may be bad for your brain. How to unplug

Most of us are pretty hooked on our phones, spending the equivalent of a month and a half every year, swiping, scrolling and staring at their screens.        Source link

Uber's new 'On-Trip Reporting' tool lets you report uncomfortable rides in real-time

Previously, riders had to wait until a trip was complete to provide feedback on how it went.        Source link


My microwave is too small to fit the microwave popcorn bag

Happy Sunday from Software Expand! In this week's edition of Feedback Loop, we talk about the future of Windows Phone, whether it makes sense...