Tired of applying for jobs, Tired of your current job,  Tired of rejection emails. Don’t worry, These are business you can start online with low or no capital involved. Most people spend hours online surfing social media without any gain or profit. You dont have to be filthy rich to start a business, you can start a business with less than 10,000 naira.

Here are lists of businesses you can start with low capital

Event and Party Planner

Many people who are looking to start new businesses online, actually have a big creative mind. So why not put this in a professional environment? If you like to organise parties, events (of every form, tone and in every location) what you need is a simple website (if you don’t know how to do it, you can create a simple Facebook page!) and some form of contact, like an email account.
So, if you have a Facebook account (I’m sure you have one and didn’t participate to this #deletefacebook thing) and you create a Facebook page, this is literally a business you can start with 0 capital. This is an exciting opportunity for people who want to work in a sociable environment, and again it’s an home-based role. If you are, in particular, someone who knows places, clubs, and nice sites, then this is 100% your choice.

3 Udemy

Are you a Graphic Designer, a Coding Expert or simply that good at something? Then teach it online! Udemy is a great website in which you could sign up to become a teacher and create your personal course. You don’t need any particular video editing skills, as many best-selling courses are simple video recordings made with smartphones. Udemy lately has become something truly immense, and the level has reached very high standards, so consider it only if you are experienced in your discipline of choice. If you are, start creating a course, submit it on Udemy and here you have a business started with very little capital.

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Virtual Assistant

Naturally born problem solver? This is something that might interest you. Being a Virtual Assistant, your duties will be based on your experience. For example, you might be an Office Admin or an IT Technician. The perks? You will work from home, with your own deadlines, with little to no expenses.
This could be the future of modern offices, so keep that in mind! Being a Virtual Assistant, of course, requires professionality when contacted, as you might start working with very short notices, so you will be required to be ready anytime, really.

Become An Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneur

If you already have a solid social media following then you are already at 70%. Basically, you choose a product you like, promote it, and make a profit on each sale that stems from your marketing efforts. If you are a “social media expert” and you are passionate about networking, this is probably the best choice for you.
Do not confuse being an Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneur with being an Influencer, that is very important. You could set up multiple affiliate channels (Instagram is still the best platform if you wanna do this) with different topics. Affiliate marketing is a great way to gain a passive income and it requires very little capital to start with.

SMA (Social Media Agency)

Social Media is something that moves businesses all over the world, and it’s only getting bigger. If you think about it, having your business page on Facebook, in 2018, is a must. 5 years ago, was something that people thought was a bit “too much”. If you are a Social Media literate, and you know about how to interact with people if you are a great content creator and if you have a good knowledge of PPC (Pay Per Click), then this might be your choice.

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There are no guidelines, really. You could be focusing on pure content creation or Digital Marketing. In the end, your SMA will reflect your approach when it comes to Digital Marketing, which is a great thing.

App Development

There are plenty of companies that recently became big for mobile app development since the future is focusing in that direction. If you have a decent coding knowledge and you are passionate about UX and UI, starting a business like this one could be a home run. With many different tools on the market, even the non-coding experts will be able to create good selling apps, especially if related to economics, photography and video making, since those are the biggest trends right now in the app’s world.

Sell Your Art

With many different websites like Fiverr, for example, you will be able to sell your music, your graphics, your videos to a very big audience. Keep in mind that using this type of websites to sell your work is purely a numbers’ game: you don’t wanna spend 400 hours on a project that will be sold for 5 dollars and has at least 200+ competitors. If you are interfacing with this kind of reality, you want your rankings to go high, so people who are browsing the platform will find you easily.

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I know this could sound like “killing the art” for you, but this is the worst part when it comes to Content Factories. Of course, if you are that creative and are able to create some incredible art within very little time frames, then this could be a perfect fit for you.

My personal hint would be using templates to help you out at the very initial stage of your work (this particularly applies to graphic designers, record producers and videomakers who focus on looping content like Beeple). Keep in mind that the content should be copyright free, so be careful with samples, producers!

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