iRing is an ideal device and concept which could communicate with iPhone and iPod through using Bluetooth connectivity. This portable electronic device offers awesome power and intelligence in the eyes of the users. Follow along as i am going to give hint about the basic features of the product.

iRing is a new invention of apple company such as its other innovative devices and products like iPhone which is the one of the most successful smartphones in the world; now they released a new concept “i Ring” which is a stylish, useful and modern ring design that could suit any gender’s hand easily, it is produced in two main colors ” Black and White”.

Control your iPhone, iPod And Any Apple Device Remotely  Using “i Ring” Best Device to control your iphone
Features of iRing

1)    This ring allows you to control iPhone, iPad or any other apple media device.
2)    You could manage playback
3)    Skip music, play songs
4)    Pause and volume up and down remotely
5)    Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
6)     Touch-sensitive function strip to display and control
7)    Rechargeable battery which can live up to 2 days and you can recharge it with the included cradle.
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