The Man behind the design of the iPhone, iPod & Mac is leaving Apple Inc. John Ivy who has been with Apple for decades+ will be going on an adventure to form his own creative agency called LoveFrom. Meanwhile Apple would be the agency’s first client, it is also worth noting that they would be working for any other company.

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John Ive

John Ive (Sir Johnathan Paul Ive) will have no immediate successo but that will be resolved obviously. Apple CEO – Tim Cook did made it known for a fact, The company’s design team is currently at the best they have ever been and they would continue to work with Ive but on different terms.

“This JUST seems like a natural and gentle time to make a change “- John Ive

However, it is worth noting that John Ive would continue working on Apple Wearables & Healthcare which are two of Apple’s priorities if the iPhone sales keep slowing down.

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It comes as a big shock following the departure of the Company’s Retail Chief – Angela Ahrendts during one of the most intense period of the trade war between the USA and China in April.

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It also comes as a shock to fans because Ive has been the brain behind the iPhone designs from the onset. Everyone looks forward to the next step and physical change.

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