Google has managed to stay on top of their game being the Masters of everything they do and Android remains one of them. Android is set to take a new way of life starting from the official launch of Android 10.

Watch the video above for simple clarification.Android OS have always stick with desert names for the various versions but starting from Android 10 update and rollout, it is gonna be a goodbye.Google in a blogpost talked about how the naming scheme is nolonger workable considering the fact that the OS has grown to become the widely used OS in the world. So instead of complicating names and desert names that certain portion of the users are unfamiliar with, It is going to be just numbers henceforth.

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The Android Q version which has been anticipated will be known as Android 10 and that is it.There is also a revamp in the Android robot logo which saw colour contrast changes and a font change alongside Black used in the “Android” nameThe change in Android is already on it’s way and we can see it from the previous release of the new revamped UI Playstore and hopefully all apps would soon know it’s time to revamp. (That is strictly directed to WhatsApp)More prominent is the RCS Feature which is forthcoming.What do you think about this new change and what are your predictions for Android in the Future ?

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