Access bank of Nigeria is said to be among the top best in the country, but the way they are going they will live to the ghost, I am just saying though. Do you observe that it bearly 4 months they decided to merge with diamond bank and after which an upgrade was done on their platform… the reason for the upgrade was to enable the staff to carry out both diamond and access bank daily transactions without stress.

After carrying out a survey, it’s as if the upgrade was a set back for access bank. What do we mean by set back? Stay cool and let go through the point together. We are going to be listing some point that shows that it’s a step back for them .

Slow banking services

Before now access bank hardly become over populated. Yes read it again, I mean over populated. So what now change after the upgrade.

Lots has changed. Looking from The customers care angle it has been observed that they carry out switch when they want to attend to customers of old diamond bank customers and the main customers. This definitely mean that they are using two platform in one. How does this work?

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Let us use this example to see how the platform works. Take for example for people who have parrel space on thier mobile phone, which enable user to have 2 apps on one.. you can switch each other at any time you need it. That is exactly what is happening in access bank.

From an observation after attending to customer from old diamond bank with the diamond platform, they will need to switch to normal access bank platform before they can attend to him/her with ease. Yeah ; you will never notice this because they are trying to be super fast. this often curse a delay of the customers time. So I suggest when nest you visit access bank you should be a little patient with the staff, they are doing thier best. And I hope this article is meant only for mature mind not for people who are looking for ways to take advantage of such big organisation.

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My best advice for access bank is that they should try and work on this platform as soon as possible, hackers may see this as a liphole. You can never tell what other competitors are thinking.

Organisational Branding

They say the key to successful business is self branding, access bank was doing just fine in this category before access diamond take over. Let see how this have affected access bank in the past few month.

We have been working on desk to ensure will provide you with a good post. Not base on assumptions but real fat. We have been to couples of branches in different states such as; Bayalsa, Lagos, Edo, Delta and ondo thier mode of operation is totally different. I will love them to work on this areas as it is making them lose some sales. If you are not financially oriented you wont understand this. But will break it down on the nest topic.

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Customers Relationship and management

Talking about customer relationship, i wont due on this for long, but each access bank staff do have a unique characters, just as our faces are different their way of attending to customers is also different. Haven’t said that, most access bank staff can be really annoying, names and branches of this trait will be with held. But if you want people to make you happy you have to act nicely also.

Many people says is not that they are not happy is just because of the salaries involved. Please access bank do work on your staff manners as this is really making many to live your business, you can testify to what I am saying.

Well that will be all for now about access mode of operations. Take a pill and go through some of our post, coming your way soon, is GTB operation.

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