Most person don’t know that multiple app can be used on just one device. It’s very easy to put your phone on safe mode for smart users but for some it’s a big challenge.. if you fall in any of the categories sit right back as you are going to benefit from this video.

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On this post i will be trowing more light on smart phone setting, things that can actually trigger the smartness of your cell phone.

10 smart phone settings that will trigger a good interface for your Android phone

10 Phone settings you have know idea about.

  1. Cloning Applications 
  2. Downloading Audio and Video from YouTube
  3. Turn your smartphone into a digital scale
  4. Switching to two window mode with one touch
  5. Switching to safe mode
  6. Using Offline Maps
  7. Paying bills with your phone rather than credit cards
  8. a scanner that is always at hand 
  9. Unlimited search 
  10. linking two smart phone together
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On this video you shall learn how to clone WhatsApp or any social App.

Hey don’t be surprised i am going to use video to analyze this post.

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Do know that all the content on this video are true as I have verified them. Though I am not the original writer or maker of the video.

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